Bees & Beekeeping

Bees are one of our most important pollinators in the world as they visit so many different plants during their life time. These pollinating visits are crucial in the production of one third of all of our food, not to mention all the flowers in our gardens!

But bees are in decline! Why? There are lots of reasons, but the loss of 99% of all our wild flower habitats for farmland and development, and the use of chemicals in farming have both had a huge impact on bee numbers! However we can all do lots to help:

  • Try not to use chemicals in your garden
  • Leave an area in your garden where bumble bees can nest e.g. a pile of twigs and branches or stacked stones
  • Plant lots of flowers. Don't forget Spring and Autumn flowers as well
  • Keep bees! Keep them the 'natural way' and try not to focus on the honey - bees come first!
  • Don't kill bees!
  • Know your bees. Learn how to tell the difference between bees and wasps
    Bee, wasp or bumblebee?
  • If you see a big collection of bees (check its honey bees and not bumble bees) give us a call and we can remove it for you.
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